COVID-19: Worker Pay

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, workers have concerns regarding their pay if they are ill, quarantined or have to miss work for other reasons such as child care if schools are closed. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has an article this morning outlining some common employee pay questions, which your employees may have read and you […]

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COVID-19: Communicating with Employees

Communicating with Employees Consistent and regular communications with employees regarding the status of the outbreak, the company’s response and answering employee questions regarding their risk, responsibilities and protections, is key to providing relevant information while avoiding rumors, panic or uncertainty among employees. The following information and guidelines may be helpful in communicating with employees: If

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COVID-19: ADA, FMLA, National Origin Protections

Discrimination and Harassment The Coronavirus is known to have originated in China and initially spread to Iran, Italy and other countries. Accordingly, employees from those regions, or employees who are suspected of having been exposed to, or contracting, the Coronavirus may be subject to harassing or otherwise inappropriate comments or conduct related to the Coronavirus

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